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math teachers and their visually impaired students and their parents.

PlatMat platform was developed by Institute of Mathematical Machinesin collaboration with Polish Foundation for the Blind and Partially Sighted TRAKT (2014-2015).

PlatMat Project co-financed by the State Fund for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled.
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PlatMat Platform consists of
  • portal you are now visiting with collection of mathematical exercises ready for download
  • tools – applications for Windows 8.x and newer for teachers and students that communicate with each other as well as with the portal
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We encourage you to read and use of PlatMat tools to facilitate the teaching of mathematics and learning mathematics in classroom, at home and on the Internet.

Order your applications to receive a license for your own copy.

See what equipment is required for the teacher and student to fully benefit from PlatMat.

PlatMat platform offers tools for
  • Teachers - application TEACHER (Windows 8.x);
  • Students with Low Vision - application for a student with low vision (Windows 8.x);
  • Blind students - application for a student who is blind (Windows 8.x);
  • Students and teachers – CUBARITHM and CALCULATOR (Windows 8.x).

Watch how PlatMat supports learners in class, facilitates online tutorials and how it helps when the student learns at home alone. With the help of these tools, installed on tablets or laptops, teacher and student in the classroom can create and send to each other tasks containing formulas and graphics, print, Braille and 3D models, A blind student can enter math expressions in Braille or in AsciiMath, read the formulas with a synthetic voice, navigate the formulas, read them on the Braille display. The teacher can monitor the student's work on their own computer. Teachers can also hand-write formulas on the touch screen device, record or type comments, and help solve math problems.

A teacher can help a student remotely via the Internet in mathematics, can also hand-write formulas on the touch screen device, record or type comments, and help solve math problems..

Teachers can post their math activities on the portal available free of charge or as paid resources. Teachers and students can also download posted activities.

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